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Smart Electric Hand Massage Device Heat Palm Massager Magnetic Therapy Pulse Pain Relief

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1. Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. Charging voltage/current DC5V 1000mA. It can also be charged with an isobaric power bank. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge (the charging time is related to the output current of the charger used). When charging, the red light flashes and the red light stays on when fully charged.
2. Power switch description: Toggle the "OFF/ON switch, there will be a prompt sound when turning on the massager, please turn off the power in time after using it or not using it for a long time.
3. Massage mode: "is the mode button. The product has 3 modes, hammering, acupuncture, and pulse mode. The product defaults to hammering mode, press "to switch modes. Each time the mode is switched, the intensity will return to level 1. Intensity addition or subtraction or switching mode, there will be a beep.
4. Intensity addition and subtraction instructions: In the power-on state, "+" is the intensity enhancement button, and "-" is the intensity reduction button. Each time you press it, a beep will sound, indicating that the intensity increases by one level, and the intensity addition and subtraction are 16 Levels (0, 1, 2...16), press again when the intensity increase or decrease reaches 16 levels to make two beeps, the intensity remains unchanged, and 16 levels are maintained.
5. Long press "+" and "-" at the same time for about 2 seconds to turn on the button mute mode. (Note: The remote control does not have this function.)
6. Description of hot compress function: "is the temperature heating key, press the temperature key "di" to turn on the product heating function, the temperature is divided into first gear 38 ℃, second gear 42 ℃, third gear off, and cycle in turn. (Note: The hot compress function will not be available when charging.)
7. When using the product, after about 1 second without touching the palm, the product will automatically return to gear
8. After the product is turned on and used for 15 minutes, the massage mode will return to level 0 (the hot compress remains unchanged).
9. When the power of the product is low, the indicator light turns red and flashes quickly, please charge in time

Product size: 140x141x57mm
Power: 8W
Input voltage/current: DC5V1000mA
Lithium battery capacity: 2400mAh
Material: ABS, stainless steel, PU
Function: Promote blood circulation, massage palms, relieve mouse hands and hand fatigue
Function: Pulse, acupuncture, massage, hot compress, warming hands, soothing mouse hands
Cleaning method: Wipe with clean wet wipes
Power supply mode: USB
Control method: Mechanical
Color: White, pink
Massage techniques: Slapping, tapping

Package Content:
1 * Hand Massager 

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